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Each year the Edgewater High School Band Alumni Association's Kenneth Pierce
Memorial Award is available to all students in the Edgewater High School
District and Central Florida pursuing a music-related education who can provide proof of
a financial need for assistance to remain in those programs.

Not only do we believe, we know that children exposed to a multi-year program of music
tuition involving training in increasingly complex rhythmic, tonal, and practical skills
display superior cognitive performance in reading skills compared with their non- musically trained peers,
according to a study published in the journal Psychology of Music.

We need you to stand with us as a monthly Pierce Award sustainer. In the last 8 years The EHSBAA
has awarded over $12,000.00 in scholarships, grants, and, awards to the music programs
and students at Edgewater High School. Your consistent support in 2016 and beyond will
help us continue to develop and foster future generations of composers, musicians, music
educators, performers, and conductors for the community at large.

To become a member of The EHSBAA'S Pierce Award Monthly Sustainers Program

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